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  • Seelie Court – The control a lot of New York.
  • Occulus Dei – a branch of the Catholic Church who secretly seek out and destroy the supernatural.
  • Daedalus – and ancient occult wizard who is known for crafting powerful objects.


  • Need for Secrecy – The supernatural must remain secret else humanity will destroy them.
  • End of the Mythic Era – the supernatural once were able to walk in the open but now their time has ended and their numbers are diminishing.
  • Organized Crime War – Black Hand leader Giuseppe Morello gets into a war with Dusters Irish Gang and Flying Dragon Tongs.

Magical Items

  • Lyre of Orpheus – Use rapport to put an “enchanted” aspect on everyone listening (in zone). Defended with “will”.
  • Aeon Pocket Watch – When spending a fate point to re-roll replace df with a d6.


Main Page

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