Progressive Monsters: 1895

The Old and New

Vigo is blown out of the building and knocked cold and everyone else is knocked back. From the blast a man appears speaking Aramaic.

Down below Amara Popodopolus, the goddess Circe disguised as a socialite, feels the building shake and power from up above. She excuses herself, turns into a bird and heads up to investigate. Amara recognizes the man as a djinn and steps in, casting a spell so everyone can understand him.

He reveals himself as Ahmad, and ancient djinn who was trapped in the urn.

As Ahmad continues to describe what he is doing there the group hears the elevator come up with a group of polic officers. The building begins to shake again and light bulbs start to light up and explode.

Everyone is able to avoid the police by hiding or moving up to the roof (Alastar loses his watch climbing onto the roof). Amara talks one of them into leaving. Amara looking down below notices all the guests exiting the building but when a firefighter tries to enter someone prevents him.

Everyone feels electrical power surrounding them and building. Amara is then shot by a sniper from across the building. Ahmed tries to fly over to him but finds that he is still linked to the urn which Ohinoko has and he can’t move far from it. Amara is grazed and turns the sniper into a pig.

Alastar swing below and sees the chaos below but decides to look for the watch he dropped. He finds it but it is picked up by Duncan, a redcap. The two get into a fight over the watch.

Ohinoko senses that the electrical power build is coming from below and heads down but it puts in such disharmony that she can’t use her spirit magic. Amara and Ahbed follow closely behind and encounter a strange man wearing a white mask with nothing but two eye slits. The energy is so intense it weakens everyone causing Ahmed to return to his urn.

The man is operating a large generator and a lyre that Amara tried to purchase at an auction a month earlier but lost to a man calling himself, Daedelus, has its string going into the generator. They try to stop him and Ohinoku throws tools at him while Amara turns a pipe into a large snake that starts to squeeze the life out of the man. He manages to cast some magic causing the electrical energy to pop around Amara. He manages to also flip a switch the kicks the generator to full and cause the lyre to light up. The power overwhelmed them and everyone is knocked out.

Alister is taken a beating outside as Duncan is about to bite into him the building erupts with light shooting a beam of light into the error. The power knocks Alister out.

Grand Opening

It is the grand opening of the Manhattan Life Insurance Building.

Vigo Donilovsky is there tracking down a serial killer. Two bodies were found in or near the building a few days before the opening.

Alister Dannon is there to get his watch back from Lucas Povich.

Ohinoko Kitsu is there to retrieve an urn that he believes can restore his spiritual balance.

All three manage to get into the exclusive party on the first floor. Kitsu sneaks to the top floor suspecting that the urn is there.

Vigo questions Danial Crosby about the murders but suspects he is innocent. He looks for Lucas as he is also a suspect. He find out Lucas is on the top floor.

Alister, overhearing Vigo, jumps on the elevator saying he is with Vigo. As they head Vigo questions Alister who convinces him that he is looking for a watch and won’t cause any trouble.

On the 18th floor Vigo spots Ohinoko and questions him finding out he is there to steal the urn. Vigo tells him not to leave while he goes to find Lucas.

Vigo and Alister find him talking to a strange man called Professor Gold. They confront the men and Gold vanishes. Vigo questions Lucas he says he did not kill anyone but left the door open for Gold who was paying him a lot of money. Alister knocks out Lucas and gets his watch back.

They hear Ohinoko breaking into a cabinet to get the urn. Vigo grabs him but he manages to open the urn and fire and energy swirl out filling the room.!



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